I live for finding the good light, having the good conversations, and witnessing the good moments. Currently based in North Carolina, I am a visual story teller and resident goofball. 

I had the good fortune of being raised by a great story teller. My childhood was colored with crazy stories of alligator tamers, lovers quarrels, and even serial killer pen pals. My father's stories were robust, beautiful, terrifying, funny and raw with feeling. As you may have guessed, I fell in love with stories from the start. 

Twenty five years later I am embarking on my own journey as a story teller. For me, there is no greater rush than gaining access to an intimate view of the human condition; it's the most exciting adventure and the greatest privilege. I hope to communicate the terrific and terrible vibrancy of life through my photographs and videos. 

When I'm not shooting, you can find me dancing, hiking, roller blading, cooking, air guitar-ing, reading, and singing really badly. 

Reach out to talk storytelling or what you had for breakfast, I would love to hear from you.